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Cheri Wilkins

Challenges of Selling the Family Home

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So you have made up your mind it is time to sell the family home.  You have made the arrangements to get the process started.  You have started the process of clearing the clutter and cleaning the home.  You have let your children know about the upcoming sale and you have offered those items and memorabilia to them that they are interested in and all of a sudden they realize you are serious about moving.

Emotions may begin to run high as selling the home is always an emotional time but the circumstances surrounding selling the family home can bring out more emotional issues than usual.  After all this is where your now adult children were raised. It holds more sentimentality and memories than a typical home sale.

One way to get the family involved if they are local is give them the opportunity to voice their concerns/emotions and then ask them to help you get the home ready to sell.  If they take the opportunity to help they will see why you are moving.  Your home may be a bit outdated and needs some repairs that you are not able to do yourself.  They can help you with the repairs or help you find someone to make the repairs.  If your furniture is a bit out of date and you do not plan on taking it with you, they can help you find somewhere to donate it or possibly have a garage sale.  It is important to get everyone involved if they want to help so that the sale will go smoother and everyone will understand why you are moving.

Remember that this may be a difficult time for you as well and don’t be afraid to share this with your children as this has been your home for many years. You raised your children there and now you are moving on to a new stage of your life which sometimes can be intimidating or exhilarating. 

The most important part of the move is to remember why you are moving and don’t let the emotions of others derail your plans.  Keep moving forward to your new adventure and remember to breathe.

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Cheri Wilkins