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Cheri Wilkins

Know The Difference Between A Real Estate Broker And A REALTOR

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Buying and or selling a home can be a stressful event especially in today’s market of low inventory and multiple offers over list price.  You wish to sell your home and rightsize into another home.  How do you negotiate this when there are multiple offers on homes and making a contingent offer on the sale of your home may make your offer less desirable? You need to have a professional help guide you through this process.


Why use a REALTOR®


The basic difference between a real estate broker and a REALTOR® is a membership to the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR). All REALTORS® are real estate brokers, but not all real estate brokers are REALTORS®.


Both REALTOR® and real estate brokers are licensed to help their clients buy or sell residential or commercial real estate. REALTORS® can serve as a real estate broker or choose to be a home appraiser, a property manager or an associate, managing or principal real estate broker if he or she earns additional broker educational credentials. Likewise, a real estate broker can choose to do the same. 


To use the title of REALTOR®, a real estate broker must become a member of the National Association of REALTOR® and adhere to their Code of Ethics. The National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics is more restrictive than the standards of conduct regulated at the state level and is strictly enforced so that all who use the title REALTOR® are exemplary industry professionals.


Working with a real estate broker who has the title of REALTOR® has definite benefits for their client. First and foremost, REALTORS® adhere to the strict Code of Ethics. This means that they have pledged to act with integrity, cooperate with other real estate professionals, and look out for the best interests of their clients. It also means that there is a governing body to hold them to those standards.

Secondly, REALTORS® enjoy access to a robust network of similarly minded professionals and can lean on their organizations’ experience and clout in the community.

REALTORS® also have access to NAR published research and market data, training, and special certifications, giving them an informational and educational edge over the competition.


REALTORS® work hard to protect the individual rights of real estate ownership and to widen the opportunity to enjoy it.  REALTORS® serve the community and through it their country. 


If you are ready to buy or sell and need to find a great REALTOR® give me a call.


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