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Cheri Wilkins

Preparing to Place Your Home on the Market

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As the country is re-opening you may be preparing to "Right Size” your living conditions.  If it has been a while since you sold a home, you should take a walk around and try to see it through a new buyers eyes.  The buyers today are looking for a “move-in ready” home, or would want to pay a lower price for a home that needs work.  

Things to look for as you walk through your home are: 

*Is your front door inviting? Does the hardware look old and tarnished? Could it use a fresh coat of paint to freshen it up?

*Is your garage door in good condition or should it be painted or replaced?

*As you enter the home do you notice that your walls and ceiling need painting?

*Is your flooring in good condition? Some sellers think it is better to give a flooring allowance but that is not as desirable in today’s market as it was years ago.  If you check at your local flooring company they can give you a good idea of what people are looking for in their home these days.  Laminate flooring is very desirable to most buyers and carpet in the bedrooms.

*Do your light fixtures need updating? Nothing dates a home faster than old light fixtures and you can get some nice ones for a reasonable price and that increases the desirability of the home exponentially, such a small change makes a huge impact. 

*Depending on the condition of your countertops, you may want to see if changing them out would increase the value of your home.  Your Realtor® can help you by providing a current market analysis with pictures of current homes that are on the market or have recently sold.  This can help you make a well informed decision on if it is a financially sound decision to change the counters out.

*You may want to update the hardware on your cabinets.  Another small change that makes a large impact in the kitchen and bathrooms.

*Clean and shine your appliances to make your kitchen pop. (Update if needed) 

*Do your windows need cleaning?

*Next step outside into your backyard.  Are there items that can be put away to make a cleaner flow in the space.  Do you need to wash down the area to get rid of spider webs and dirt?

*As you walk around to the front of the home step back and look at the whole picture does it have good curb appeal?

After assessing your home, these inexpensive to mid-range upgrades can make a serious difference in an offer price and days on market.

Contact me anytime, I am always eager to help.

By Cheri Wilkins