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Cheri Wilkins

Ready to Move, But Need Help

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You may be thinking there is so much to do to get ready to move, all the downsizing and prepping to move and then what will you do when you get to your new home.

Moving at any age is difficult, when you are a young family you have children, work, activities and so much more to do. As we age the challenges are different including loss of mobility, loss of health, loss of independence, loss of family and friends to help you through the process of detaching from items and your home.

There are “Move Managers” who specialize in helping people transition from one home to another.  If you are staying local, they can actually help with the process of moving into your new as well home.  Some will set up your new home up to look just like your current home as much as possible.  “Move Managers” can help you from start to finish or they can take on particular tasks that you are unable to accomplish. They can help you with the disposal of items that are not going to move to your new home by being sold by an antique or consignment store or donating to local charities.

The “Move Manager” can create a custom floorplan for placing your current items and belongings in your new home. They can also place your furniture and hang your pictures if you so desire.

Some “Move Managers can even help with changing addresses, shutting off and turning on utilities services and transportation to your new home.

Since “Move Managers” understand how to declutter spaces and make them safe and comfortable for seniors you may be able to hire one to help you in your current home if you are not quite ready to move but need some help to prepare to age in place.

Here are a couple of businesses to reach out to if you are considering help. 

Smooth Transitions of Western Washington LLC  360-459-1527  email: [email protected]

Contact me anytime, I am always eager to help.

By Cheri Wilkins