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Cheri Wilkins

The Changing Seasons

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As the season turns to fall, leaves start to change, the days are shorter and the nights are cooler so we begin to move back inside and begin preparing for winter. I find this is a good time to reassess our needs both physical health and financial health.

This has been a year to remember in real estate. The booming market kept going until the federal government started increasing the interest rates. At the end of June, we started seeing a major shift in the market. We currently have more homes on the market and buyers are now beginning to have the ability to negotiate with price, inspections and/or closing costs. With the changing market, you may be curious what your home is currently worth. This may be a good time to get a Comparative Market Analysis so you will know the value of your home and any repair suggestions to keep your home in top shape for winter and the market. By having a Realtor® provide you with a market analysis, they will walk around your home and property to let you know what items you may need to be address to be able to receive the top price for your home when you are ready to put it on the market.

Next, if you have had any changes in your health or activities of daily living you may wish to remove those throw rugs that seem to a hazard, you may begin altering your home to make it safer and easier to navigate or you may feel it is time to consider downsizing your living situation. Depending on how long you have lived in your home you may wish to consider having a pre-inspection of your home prior to putting it on the market. This gives you the knowledge of any work that needs to be done before putting your home on the market and if any costs that you may have to negotiate through later when you receive an offer. You may be able to make repairs or you may want to wait and see what the buyer may ask when the time comes.

You may not be ready to make a change today, but planning is the best thing to do as we and/or our family member’s age. You hear about ADU’s (Additional Dwelling Units), they are a separate living space that is either part of or attached to a home or property. The ADU is a great opportunity to live with your family but in your own fully equipped unit. If you like to live around other people we have many wonderful Senior Living Communities in our area. There are 55+ apartment complexes, condominiums and housing communities that have lots of activities available to the residents.

There are many options available in our area and a Senior Real Estate Specialist would be able to provide you with information on different communities and resources to help you if you wish to stay in your home, but need help preparing to move, or resources for care. The fall is a great time to think about your current lifestyle and where you will wish to be in the future. As the holidays bring the families together and when the conversation arises, you will have the information needed to be able to explain to the family what you wish your future to look like.

Cheri Wilkins, SRES REALTOR®

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